Shipping & Returns

Shipping & Returns

Shipping and handling fees are based on the type and/or number of products you have selected. Most packages are shipped by USPS. Your order will be shipped promptly when paid by credit card or ‘Pay Pal.’


  • CGC/Graded Items: only sent by Priority mail (2-3 day delivery time)  $12.70 for 1st item plus $3.00 per additional CGC item
  • For a multi-book CGC purchase, we can compute a flat ship fee-wait for an invoice!
  • ALL orders priced $100 or more require an additional $3 per $100 for postal insurance
  • NON CGC items: invoices BELOW $50 will be shipped by 1st class parcel  $3.49 for 1st item plus $1.00 US per additional item (not available for CGC books or orders valued over $100). The maximum weight for a 1st class parcel is 15 ounces.
  • Orders valued at above $50 will be generally upgraded to a flat rate priority mailer (comes with $50 of postal insurance) for a flat cost of $6.49

NOTE: no International shipping!

Shipping to APO’s and P.O. Box addresses ONLY if paid by  Pay pal & come with a “Pay Pal verified” address

Items are packed securely (and shipped with Delivery confirmation tracking if available), We always email you when your order/package has been shipped.


* Special Shipping: includes oversize items, Express or overnight shipping; must be quoted before processing order: email us 1st.

Oversized or “heavy” items:  shipped by UPS or FED EX “ground” or Parcel post: An order that includes a combination of different sized items; may present a shipping problem. These must be quoted before processing order: email us 1st.

INCLUDES: Certain periodicals (Life magazines, “Treasury Sized” items, some art portfolios) or Records/Toys/Models/Card sets OR ANYTHING bulkier may not readily fit in “Basic” US Postal shipping options.  

  • CHECK PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:  most “bulkier” Website items will note in the product description if “oversized” or “require a special shipping fee” quotation.

    To estimate shipping on a large shipment or an oversize item(s), or to request express or special shipping, e-mail or call us 1st at 305 947-6776. You will receive an e-mail invoice from Crazy Ed through “Pay Pal” for any additional shipping expenses.


* We insist on insurance on all orders valued over $50.00 US dollars.  While we will gladly help you in tracking down and documenting any shipment, but we will not be responsible for lost or damaged uninsured orders. Your shipping can easily be upgraded to a Priority mailer or Priority box for the insurance coverage provided; an add-on cost of $3 for each additional $100 of value will be charged to provide adequate postal insurance. Most postal parcels include a tracking number. For purchase orders over $500: we require signature delivery confirmation, at the current cost charged by the USPS.

Payment Options:

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover, as well as Pay Pal for payments. All credit card information is kept completely confidential. We use encryption and protection techniques make your website shopping experience as safe and enjoyable as possible. 


Payment by check or US money orders: may delay the processing of your order while waiting for arrival or for funds to clear. We will not hold your items beyond 10 days from the order date without prior arrangements.


*For a credit card purchase, we may require by e-mail a confirming authorization and/or a copy of the picture ID of the named cardholder, by e-mail. We also require you provide the 3 digit security code on (the back of) most credit cards. This is for your protection. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.


*CONFIRMED/MATCHING SHIP ADDRESS:  we will only ship to an address that can be “confirmed/verified” via the credit card service or Pay Pal to match with the cardholder/purchaser.


*Privacy for your information: You can also call Ed privately at 305 947-6776 and provide him the credit card info, or your e-mail address to send a Invoice to. Ed has been a reputable Credit Card merchant for over 25 years!



Ed's 14 day Return Policy

Ed wants you to be satisfied with each and every purchase. If you have a problem with an order, for any reason, we ask that you e-mail or call us first at 305 947-6776 and describe the problem, so that we can offer a speedy and complete resolution to your difficulty. A shipping invoice will be included with your shipment which restates our return policy.

* Regardless of your shipment date, your 14day return option begins from the date of delivery--this is usually 2-3 days after the shipping date.  
* CGC Graded Comics (or reader copies provided) are considered bought as described, or “as is”, and therefore not subject to return.

Broken CGC cases: damaged goods/Insurance claims:  (read above about MANDATORY INSURANCE) In the case of shipping damage to a single CGC case in an insured order (another good reason for insurance!), we will assist you in routing the damaged book to CGC for a repaired case and return shipping, at our expense. If there are 2 or more CGC books somehow damaged beyond repair in shipping it is the Buyer’s responsibility to take the shipping materials and go to their local Post office to file the claim.  Crazy Ed’s Comics will assist by providing you an insurance assignment and a receipt for your purchase to assist you in filing the claim.

* Similarly, auction items are subject to rules of the auction service (usually eBay) and we will honor and abide by their procedures.
* Do not return the merchandise to us until after you have e-mailed or faxed us a notice of your intent to return and have received an acknowledgement with return instructions back from us!

Failure to communicate the pending return ends a refund option, though undamaged returns within 15 days of delivery qualify for an exchange or credit for future purchases.


We review each order to make sure checkout was completed correctly. We will contact you if there is a problem, either with the order, ship fees computed for the order, or your payment. We make every effort to keep a complete and accurate inventory. However, we do not guarantee availability of items before processing your transaction.

Promotions and Giveaways
For "freebies", add-ons, special certificates and other promotional items, we reserve the right to substitute at our discretion or based on availability.
If you have any questions or further concerns, please feel free to email us.


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