Coloring/Computer Paint

Choose from the variety of black and white outlines of cartoon images. Download and print them out. Use crayon, water color or your computer's "paint" program…make the image as realistic or as surrealistic as you like…keep them and enjoy or…submit (a copy or scan) to Crazy Ed's Art & Writing Contest!

INSTRUCTIONS for Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator:
1. right click the image and click "Save Target As..."
2. Save-Select a File or Folder. You will have a page size version of the image.
3. Open the image in your favorite image viewer, word processor, or browser.
4. Color image.
5. Print image.
The images are GIF format and are sized to print on an 8.5 by 11 inch piece of paper.

(Warning: these are large, high quality images, so they may take a few minutes to download). Having problems downloading or saving? Email us with your question and we'll do our best to help.

Have fun! We will illustrate different characters from time to time. For now we are featuring BATMAN.


Batman Rides

The Amazing Batman

Catwoman Stalks

The Joker

The Penguin