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Crazy Ed is a nationally recognized "collector friendly" specialist in Silver Age comics and related memorabilia. We also offer Bronze Age, Modern, and, on occasion, Golden Age products. Since 1990, Ed has enthusiastically helped collectors.

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or an everyday collector.

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Crazy Ed received the prestigious Comics Buyers Guide Customer Service Award for many years running. Krause publications publishes collector trade magazines. He is also a Charter Member/Dealer with the CGC

...a testament to excellent service in the mail order business with no customer complaints.

Who is "Crazy" Ed?

"Crazy" Ed is Ed Savitt, a "50-something" baby boomer & a serious, lifelong comic superhero & memorabilia collector. As a toddler, he wore "mouse ears" for first run Mickey Mouse club. Saturday mornings were spent with cartoons & 3 Stooges episodes...the afternoons---Rin-tin-tin, Sky King & the Lone Ranger.

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Afterschool, he was glued to reruns of the Adventures of Superman...and his die was forever cast.

With the TV as babysitter, often he caught the premier or 1st episode of: Batman, Star Trek, Lost in Space, the Green Hornet, the Time Tunnel, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, the Outer Limits, Addams Family, the Munsters & more.

His 1960's Sci-Fi movie exposure included Planet of the Apes, Fantastic Voyage, 2001: a Space Odyssey.

ad saved from 1968 Miami paper before original "Apes" film opened in Miami

A Politically aware baby boomer: Ed recalls vividly JFK's death, the escalation of Vietman, the 6 day Isreali war, the Beatles--Woodstock & other Rock-'n-Roll classics, war protests, race riots, the '60's space race & 1st manned lunar landing, the '68 assassinations of RFK & Martin Luther King.

click for JFK spoof soundbite  This is a funny piece (from the early 1960's) especially made relevant in light of the recent election of the 1st African american President

Click for cool Imagery & Montages  Ed's impressive Media library will create stories & glimpses of his favorites. If you were a JFK, Jackie O fan or like superstars, famous faces etc, you should enjoy a brief visit to see or hear creative compositions assembled by Ed. 
Original imagery features & Ed's written articles will appear throughout. The articles reflect Ed's sense of humor, sarcasm and wit.

Ed's Archives feature an impressive array of unique sports, baby boomer & entertainment goodies, items Ed personally collected.

Ali on the cover of LIFE after beating Liston.

Ed met Ali in 1971 just prior to his 1st Frasier fight. He autographed Ed's program....from Superbowl 5 held in Miami's Orange bowl, where Ali was sitting a few rows back from a 14 year old Ed!

MORE ABOUT ED the Sports fan:
Ed lived in Buffalo when Jack Kemp & Darryl Lamonica led the Bills to consecutive AFL championships. Here is Ed with the "Mad Bomber" Lamonica in 1966. 
Ed still has the mini-football signed by Lamonica!


Ed's family moved to Miami in 1968. Ed attended Super Bowl's 3 and 5, witness to victories by 2 of the greatest quarterbacks, Joe Namath and Johnny Unitas. He was treated to all the early Shula coached 1970's Miami Dolphins early rise to football dominance. With family ties to Pittsburgh, he attended 2 Pirate 1971 World Series game victories (seeing in person Roberto Clemente and Willie Stargell) attended both opening & closing day at Three Rivers stadium. He was there for Terry Bradshaw's first professional touchdown pass in 1970 & Dan Marino's first pro start in 1983!

Ed was a Speech & Debate champion in his teens; winning (State & National) High School & Collegiate Tournements. Instead of law, he became a nationally prominent tax specialist, lecturing & publishing professionally by his mid-20's!

Ed the 'Professional'

Years later, with hundreds of corporate clients & a stale "hi-tech" life, Ed assumed a weekend identity as Crazy Ed, reliving his childhood.

Ed attends regional & national comic/collectible conventions. Ed's mail order professionalism won 5 years of consecutive Customer Service Awards from the Comic Buyers Guide Magazine. For helpful views as a collector & dealer on: grading, retail pricing, professional restoration, CGC certifications & market trends, refer to Guides & Forums.

We enjoy sharing Ed's enthusiasm for these wonderful years! Please feel free to write, call and email comments & questions!

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